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Yoga is a life discipline that transcends physical exercise-it is an integration and balance of the mental, physiological and emotional aspects of being through a holistic approach. At Bhanwar Vilas Palace’s yoga retreats we aim to offer a complete range of sessions that cover these aspects-in the serene environment of the beautiful, old town of Karauli. The yogic exercise and pranayama workshops are held in the purest atmosphere possible-at a variety of beautiful outdoor locations. The royal family of Karauli traces their descent from Lord Krishna and the ancient philosophies of the many temples in Karauli are integrated into the retreat. The Bhagvad Gita describes yoga as a union of the soul with the Supreme Consciousness. As a part of this idea the programme will include spiritual discussions as well as an emphasis on meditation and focusing inward. The development of compassion and a genuine sense of empathy and connect with those around us is a significant part of connecting with our own inner selves. The Bhanwar Vilas Yoga programme also includes visits to the nearby school for children who face auditory and speech challenges. Our programmeemphasises healthy eating and organic food. All vegetables used in your meals are organic and most are grown on our own farms depending upon the season. All dairy products come from our in-house organic dairy. Sattvik meals are available upon request.

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